Insta Chats

Project details

Build for Web and Mobile both
Platforms Android, iPhone, Web
Technologies Android, Swift, Java, ROR, Angularjs, HTML5, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap
Categories Messaging App
Summery App for Messaging & connectivity, build for iOS, Android with Web Admin Panel (RubyOnRails)
  • Android
  • Swift
  • iPhone
  • RubyOnRails
  • Messaging

Project analysis report for Insta Chats

Insta Chats is one of the most common tasks you perform on your mobile device. Chat apps that are used for communication, offer real time transmission of messages from sender to receiver over the Internet.

Chatting is an Essential Feature:

1) Helps to send messages across the Globe
2) Apps add social networking features, improve security and provide free calling/messaging services
3) The most famous mobile chatting app, they are designed for smart phone users which offers simple chat/group chats, even to another country with end to end encryption for your security
4) Most chat apps are cloud based and have end to end encryption to keep your information safe.