Taxi Booking 24X7

Project details

Build for Web and Mobile both
Platforms Android, Web
Technologies Android, Objective C, RubyOnRails, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap
Categories Taxi Booking
Summery App like Uber for online taxi Booking, build for iOS, Android with Web Admin Panel (RubyOnRails)
  • Android
  • RubyOnRails
  • Objective-C
  • Taxi

Project analysis report for Taxi Booking 24X7

Main Features of applications: 

Unique Signups: Every user and driver can use an exclusive Signup facility to quickly enter into your cab booking application.

Social media sign up: Allow users & drivers to register via social media sign .

Flexible login options:Utilize wide login options like social media, Facebook, Google plus, or regular sign-in options to login to your cab booking app business.

Profile settings: Anytime, both users & drivers can easily add, edit or delete any of their own profile information.

Email templates: All inclusive notification mails are in template format, you can instantly send any kind of mails to respective app users with like, welcome message, confirmation and Invoices.

Car types: Car type is entered by drivers and user can chose which car type he need.

Car searching: It helps in searching the cars within minimum kilometer for immediately gratifying taxi need of app users.

Edit cars: Edit option helps to make certain changes for the listed cars of your taxi booking application.

Availability of cars: User can checkout availability of listed cars near the users’ location by knowing its active or inactive status.

Map and Tracking facility: A comprehensive Map and tracking options via Google map OR Map Box or any other SDK which helps to track the exact location of both users and drivers.

Add emergency contact: If in case user is not able to take up the call, drivers can use the users’ alternative contact number to reach them immediately.Or Double tap the screen to make an emergency call (911)

Fare estimation: An absolute mechanism is crafted in your taxi booking app for estimating accurate taxi fare, distance, plate number and time taken in prior to the user’s ride.

Chatting: User can chat with driver regarding pick up location or estimated time to reach the user.

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